Reading and Writing Google Sheets using Flowlet

6 min read - 2023-02-10
Google, Sheets

Read, write, and read metadata of Google Sheets without the need for OAuth2 authentication or direct API usage Read more »

Collecting Content Security Policy (CSP) Reports

6 min read - 2023-02-03
CSP, Reports, Security

Use Flowlet to collect and process Content Security Policy (CSP) reports, aggregate them to a database, and extend the solution for further actions. Read more »

Hosting a static NextJS export on S3 and CloudFront

9 min read - 2023-01-18
NextJS, S3, CloudFront, Lambda@Edge

Host a NextJS website on S3 with CloudFront, Lambda@Edge, and Flowlet for API routes, handling both static and dynamic content. Read more »

7 Things You Can Do with the Airtable API

15 min read - 2022-12-22
Airtable, API

This post explains how to perform CRUD actions and receive Airtable's webhooks with Airtable's API using Flowlet. Read more »

Mail Custom Images Using a Glide App Webhook and Robolly

8 min read - 2022-12-12
webhook, glide, robolly

Send custom images upon a webhook triggered by Glide. With the help of Robolly, we can easily customize images and send them along with mail messages. Read more »

Create a website uptime monitor in Flowlet

6 min read - 2022-12-06
No-Code, Uptime

This 15-minute workshop will show you how to create an uptime monitor in Flowlet. It is a quick and educative example of what you can do with Flowlet. Read more »

How to create your OpenID identity provider

6 min read - 2022-11-16
OpenID, IdP, NextJS

Create your own OpenID identity provider using Flowlet to add secure login to your API for your front-end applications. Read more »

How to quickly create a neat CRUD API in Flowlet

5 min read - 2022-10-18
api, json

Remember hammering the enter button to make your way through installation wizards? You can create your API that way! Read more »

Implementation of CSRF protection in scalable APIs

6 min read - 2022-09-28
security, csrf

In cloud-based applications and microservices, it's more important than ever to secure against APIs is cross-site request forgery. Read more »

Handling Custom Slack Commands with Flowlet

7 min read - 2022-09-20
api, slack

See how Flowlet can easily handle custom Slack commands, use the OAuth flow, and handle calls from Slack in Flowlet to respond to invoked commands. Read more »

No-code your Hubspot API calls in Flowlet

5 min read - 2022-09-13
api, hubspot

Hubspot CRM's API lets you access data stored in their systems so that you can use it in your apps and integrations. Read more »

Update entries with the Contentful Rest API

6 min read - 2022-09-06
api, webhook

Contentful is a headless CMS that can help you manage your content easily. This article shows you how to amend the content in the Contentful API. Read more »

Building a GPT-3 Chatbot with OpenAI API

7 min read - 2022-08-30
GPT-3, Chatbot

The most sophisticated OpenAI model has enough intelligence to answer real-world questions. This post discovers its ability to answer questions in a chatbot. Read more »

Date, Time Formats, and Timezones in JSON APIs

6 min read - 2022-08-23
timezone, json

How did the past affect the handling date and time in your API? And what formats do we have that are technically universal and resistant? Read more »

14 essential CLI tools for working with APIs

10 min read - 2022-08-16

Explore how the command line can be a powerful tool for working with APIs. Learn basic commands for making HTTP requests and manipulating data. Read more »

In OAuth2, the scope is a space-separated list of user permissions. There is no further restriction on its format and hence allows a lot of flexibility. Read more »

5 CORS Headers Your API Needs for Web Security

8 min read - 2022-08-02

CORS is a standard that defines a set of HTTP headers to enhance web security. These headers are a necessary part of APIs that serve JavaScript frontends. Read more »

Connect OAuth2 APIs using Flowlet secrets

6 min read - 2022-07-27
OAuth, Secrets

Learn to connect OAuth2 APIs using Flowlet secrets. Read Tweets posted using the Twitter API and leverage OAuth2 login. Read more »

Build a Headless URL Shortener in One Minute Using No-Code

5 min read - 2022-07-20
No-Code, database

Learn how to build a headless URL shortener in one minute using no-code. Create an app with a database and REST API endpoints that can shorten a URL. Read more »

How to Implement ReCaptcha in Five Minutes Using No-Code

4 min read - 2022-07-13
api, react, recaptcha

Captcha is implemented to protect against bots. Learn how to implement ReCaptcha on your site without having to code. Read more »

Authentication in APIs tends to use Basic Auth. Nowadays, OAuth becomes common, using JWT Bearer tokens. Learn how to use them in Flowlet. Read more »

Emergency Response Flow for Website Downtime with Flowlet

8 min read - 2022-06-30
pagerduty, mail

How to use Flowlet to set up an emergency response flow to get notified of downtime, respond to the client, and take appropriate steps to fix it. Read more »