API platform

The complete solution for integrating APIs, automating tasks, and creating microservices.

  • Flow builder
  • Database storage
  • Use custom scripts
  • Hosted on a secure and scalable cloud
  • Nightly backups
  • REST endpoints
  • Webhooks
  • Cron jobs
  • Process incoming mail


Only pay for what you use

Each application runs in its own workspace. A workspace is active when it has at least one execution1 in that hour. An active workspace has 256MB of RAM and 0.25 vCPU available. This provides up to ~30 requests per second, depending on the application. A workspace may scale up to multiple runners to handle more executions. You can set the maximum number of runners between 1 and 10.

FeaturePrice per hourPrice per 30 days
Active workspace runner$0.10$72.00
Standby workspace runner$0.05$36.00
Database per GB2$0.02$14.40
File storage per GB$0.01$7.20

Pricing example 1: An automated daily task that finishes within the hour will have 30 active hours and 690 standby hours per 30 days. This task does not utilize the internal database or file storage. The total cost for this flow would be $37.50 per 30 days.

Pricing example 2: A microservice processes ten requests per second throughout the day and 50 requests per second during business hours. A single runner can handle 20 requests per second for this application. So, during business hours, this workspace needs three runners. In 30 days, we have 720 active hours, plus 16 hours during 21 business days, which gives a total of 1056 active hours. A database of 1GB is used to store the data for the entire month (720 hours). The monthly costs for this application would be $120.

1 A flow execution is triggered by an HTTP request, scheduled task, or incoming mail (depending on the flow type).

2 Exact calculations for storage size are available in the documentation.