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Secrets allow you to store security tokens outside flows. You can still use them in flows and custom script when referred by name. You can found more information on the separate secrets page.

The following methods are available:

getPassword: (secretName: string) => Promise<string>;
signHS256: (secretName: string, payload: any) => Promise<string>;
verifyHS256: (secretName: string, jwt: string) => Promise<any>;
signRS256: (secretName: string, payload: any) => Promise<string>;
verifyRS256: (secretName: string, jwt: string) => Promise<any>;
getRS256PublicKeys: (secretName: string) => Promise<{
  kty: string;
  kid: string;
  [k: string]: string;
matchScope: (scope: string, userScope: string) => boolean;
normalizeScope: (scope, patterns?: string[]): boolean;
intersectScopes: (left: string, right: string): string;