Accounts and billing

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All Flowlet applications run in its own workspace, each having one owner. The owner must have an active subscription (or trial) and is charged for resources used above the resources included in the subscription. These charges are for execution seconds and database storage. When executing a flow, for example, for handling REST endpoints or cron jobs, the duration is measured, rounded up to the nearest second, and recorded in the user account of the workspace owner. The execution of re-usable flows is not measured since their execution is already part of another flow. Database storage is calculated per record, as explained on the data page.

Overage usage is added to the user's bill 3 days before the next bill date. Usage of the last three days rolls over to the next month. Unused resources included in the subscription do not roll over to the next month. To calculate the overage pricing, the total storage size is summed up per day for all workspaces owned by the user. The maximum of all days is used to calculate the overage pricing. Execution seconds are simply summed up from all workspaces and days.