Get that API integration done

Build microservices, automate tasks,
and connect everything in minutes.

Connect & Provide APIs

Flowlet fits perfectly in the microservice architecture, whether you want to integrate external APIs or create your own.

Automate jobs

Keep your records up-to-date or create nightly predictions. Flowlet is loaded with capabilities to automate your task.

Use custom scripts

You don't have to sacrifice power when using low-code because you can still write code when needed.

The fastest way to build your API

Edit and run visual flows directly from our web interface. All changes are immediately deployed and ready for use, resulting in a tiny development circle to ramp up development speed. Furthermore, Flowlet uses JSON at its core, fitting perfectly in modern microservice architectures.

TypeScript in mapping

Use TypeScript wherever you wish

Write the tricky bits in TypeScript and use them directly in no-code flows. The online editor comes with syntax checks, code completion, and code formatting.

TypeScript in mapping

Ready for production

Flowlet gives you all no-code and serverless advantages: managed hosting, scalability, backups, security, and rapid development, without giving up flexibility.

TypeScript in mapping
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Made for the hands-on developer

Our low-code tool won't disappoint developers but empowers them instead. It lets you focus on delivering core values rather than wasting time on peripheral tasks.